Seth factor


Cosmic filter of good and evil

Unsuspecting of the nature and peculiarities of information fields, practitioners inevitably enter into interaction with the "astral world". It is impossible to ascend to the higher levels of the Duat, the nine-level structure of the energy system of the human being and the Universe, without going through the second level, just as you cannot climb the stairs to 9th floor of a building without passing through second floor.

To artificially exclude the existence of this plane is as impossible as to construct a multi-storey building without second floor.
Stairs or, as Egyptologists consider, halves of a stepped pyramid, are depicted in many papyri in the centre of the "boat of millions of years". Symbolically they express the idea of "spiritual" ascension of the Pharaoh (human being) along seven levels of the Duat. The seven-levelled structure of a pyramid embodies seven levels of ascension, seven human energy bodies (projection of seven energy shells of the Universe) having their reflection in the glands of the human endocrine system.
The astral world (realm of Seth) accumulates and stores everything immoral, anything contrary to the Law, created by humanity by the energy of its thoughts, emotions as well as low intentions and deeds. In essence, the astral world is a kind of energy-information environment that contains all negative experience of life and evolutionary processes, filtered out by "cosmic Law" to stabilize and decelerate dynamics of development of consciousness.

Over the billions of years of its existence, humanity of the Universe fills the "astral" with the "refuse" of its creative activity in the spiritual, moral-ethical and mental spheres, thus determining the quality and potential of Seth. Therefore, when entering the astral world, it staggers one's imagination. Absolutely everything imaginable can be found there. Some begin to make "contact" with extraterrestrials (Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael, Arton, etc.), others with a variety of "beings" from different historical eras and civilizations.

As a part of the Universe's energy-information system and integral to the human being, the astral contains all information about the person who enters the astral realm. Accordingly, having access to this by being a part of the astral plane, Seth knows everything about anyone's past, present and some prospects of the future. This knowledge is one of the main factors that persuades the uninitiated that they are communicating with the supreme divine being.

In their quest for fulfillment of their spiritual aspirations, religiously-oriented people will inevitably be rewarded in the astral world with a meeting with the Virgin Mary, Saint Germain, Jesus Christ or other saints upon whom the consciousness of the newcomer is directed. A "select few" are even awarded the "honour" of communicating directly with God (in reality with Seth).

Those obsessed with the "dark forces", Seth, speaking through the mouth of Jesus Sananda or some other "high-hierarchical being", draws into the battle of "darkness against light", revealing what needs to be done to free the world from the yoke of the "dark forces" and prepare the earthlings for, e.g., transition into a different, higher energetic (vibrational) state or evacuation to other, brighter worlds. However, no details, admittedly, are given of which worlds and why. Yet the wisdom of the hermetic texts suggests "as above, so below"! Accordingly, problems cannot be evaded, ultimately they will have to resolved. But in their ardent communication with their astral "teachers" people cease to think, relying entirely on the "divine beings".

Those driven by responsibility for the fate of the world, in turn, in the astral awaits the revelation of the "innermost truth" that they alone (those who heed the voice), by gathering around them people of light, and, visiting "key places of power" according to a special scheme for a variety of "sacred actions", are able to direct "the great power of love" to fight against the forces of evil… The variants and scenarios are endless!

The astral plane is a whole world of possibilities in which Seth appears to a person in various guises, depending on the individual's education, psychological nature, character and perception. Seth instantly finds the key to someone and cunningly manipulates those who come in touch with him. Many people interact with Seth for years, following his advice without even suspecting who it is that they are dealing with.

The entire history of mankind is a long saga of intrigues of the "Evil One" (Seth), who by any possible means seeks to involve mankind in his "games" that are often bloody and destructive.

This is done, of course, under the most plausible pretexts, so that many researchers of the heritage of ancient Egypt do not even doubt that the indigenous people of Egypt worshipped Osiris. Professor Emery, however, noted that already by the time of the arrival of the Shemsu-Heru in Egypt, the prevailing religion was exactly the cult of Seth.

Emery's view brings to light a fact that explains the origin of the myth of the confrontation between Horus and Seth — the cosmic-ethical confrontation of harmony and disharmony. According to ancient texts, Osiris was the first king of Egypt, wise and just, who brought knowledge and taught people crafts and agriculture. These are texts of a time when people still retained their knowledge of proper, harmonious interaction with the world, cognizing it and the nature of things through the fifth "Osirian" energy body (the energy-information field of the fifth level of initiation). But Osiris — symbol of the world view and way of interacting with the world, was "treacherously slain by his brother Seth and his accomplices".

Fragment of the text describing "The Second hour of the night from the Book of Am-Duat" (Book of what is in the Duat).

The deity with the heads of Horus and Seth personifies the double-sidedness of interaction with the world, following the path of Horus, one inevitably interacts with the opposing side of this force — Seth.

Obviously, having by that time lost the knowledge of the structure and qualities of the human energy fields (bodies), the local priesthood communicating with the "gods" was in fact dealing with Seth and not reaching the fifth level of the Duat that is the level of Osiris, while Seth, younger brother of Osiris (of the same descent, but lower in rank) personifies the second division of the Duat (second energy or astral body; Robert Monroe's "Locale-2").

Coming to Egypt and noticing this, the Shemsu-Heru attempted to correct the situation, but in this, evidently, did not succeed. In all likelihood, the emergence of the myth of the confrontation between Horus and Seth (good and evil) is founded in the controversy and discord that arose between the bearers of the ancient tradition who cautioned against communicating with Seth, and a new generation of priests who were quite satisfied with the astral (Sethian) origin of their prophecies and information received in the "communication with the gods" — in reality communicating with Seth, whom they regarded as "deity" and who, of course, fostered this belief.

The struggle between Seth and Horus.

Pay attention to the important detail of the depiction.

Horus and Seth are tugging the "shema taui", a symbol representing the manifested world, physical as well as energetic (KA-BA-LA), Heavenly and Earthly, Upper and Lower Egypt. This indicates not only the existence of certain opposites (BA-KA), but also that the battle between Horus and Seth (the forces of Light and Darkness) is carried out on all planes — on the subtle, energetic (invisible) as well as in the manifest, visible, physical world.

Having lost in deep antiquity the knowledge of the nature of the "origin of strength and powerlessness, good and evil", earthly humanity has succeeded in creating an alternative "source" that adversely affects people's consciousness. By substituting values and gaining strength, this "source" itself began to influence the course of events and people's way of thinking. And while at the outset it was produced by the people themselves and depended on the energy of their thoughts and deeds, over time it accumulated within it everything negative and contrary to the Law, gaining strength and becoming a "god" itself, it began to influence people's consciousness, directing their thoughts and actions along lines that suited it.

For millennia now, mankind is greatly contributing to the strengthening of this "god" that emanates the energy of invisible evil, realigning people's consciousness and orienting them on ideology and actions contrary to the Law (the Creator).

Not aware of its existence, it is difficult to resist the barely noticeable influence of this "dark side of power" manifesting itself in the form of a kind of legitimate alternative view that gradually captures the mind, steering it in a particular direction.

To make visible the comatose state into which the spiritual awareness of a certain part of humanity periodically falls with Seth's aid and to awaken from this, we bring to light what for a long time remained in the dark.

Becoming part of our world, the human generated "god" began to rearrange the holy of holies — the spiritual sphere of man — starting with the main, the fundamental moral, ethical and spiritual teachings, replacing them with new, attractive and at first sight logical ideas, that are in reality life-denying, leading over time to disintegration and destruction.

The darkest manifestations of the "god" Seth are the product of the anti-teachings that emerged from the world-view and religions of the different peoples and eras. Cause of the appearance of these anti-teachings is the "astral nonsense" with which the information component of the astral fields is filled. "Astral nonsense" is the energy-informational component of the "astral world" that contains everything immoral (contrary to the Law) created by mankind by the energy of its thoughts, emotions, low intentions and deeds. It was with this that the founders of these anti-teachings entered into contact, drawing information from this information field, receiving from it the "divine revelations" that inspired them and with which they infected their followers who in turn passed the impulse to the masses whose thoughts and deeds provided the energy that then strengthened Seth. In this way, mankind itself created "evil", which then, gaining strength, began to influence the consciousness of earthly humanity, subordinating it to its will.

The astral plane is the womb that spawned many anti-teachings such as Bonpo in Buddhism, the schools of the Gnostics, Manichaeans, Marcionites and Mazdakites, the Cathars (Albigenses), Carpocratians, Bulgarian Bogomils, Paulicians, Cainites, Qarmatians, Zindiq, Ismailis and Satanists. Dogmatic and ethnographically they differ greatly, but they all share one common feature — their rejection of reality (Maat). The essence of anti-teachings, or anti-systems, is the denial of the flesh as such and the exaltation of the spirit.

Let us recall what happened back then, and it will help us to understand what is happening to us today.
People's grief at the passing of Jesus Christ was still fresh and the apostles were writing the Gospel, when appeared a certain Simon Magus, precursor of Gnosticism, the life-denying teaching that then spread throughout the world. The teaching of Simon Magus and subsequent anti-systems boil down to the following:

God who created the world is good; where then do evil and Satan come from? God is omnipresent and omnipotent! That means he should have foreseen and put down the rebellion of the fallen angel. Since he did not do so, he is responsible for all the consequences and himself the source of evil. Hence the devil is necessary and performs the task allotted to him, or else there are two equal gods: a good one and an evil one. God is the devil and the devil is God. "God does not do evil"— evil is divine providence. Evil is good.

A human being has no free will, because some are created by good God and others by evil God. The former can only commit evil against their will and it cannot be held against them. Evil is eternal. It is material given life by the spirit, that has, however, enshrouded the spirit.

This world is a torment for the spirit in the chains of material, hence all things material are a source of evil! All things material, including places of worship, icons and, finally, people's bodies are Evil. Hence all this is liable to destruction. If material is Evil, then its destruction is good, be it murder, treachery or lie. Everything is permitted in respect of whatever has a material nature. Morals and ethics are abolished.

People began to exert themselves only on their own behalves, using knowledge to egoistic ends, rather than for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Each individual was a law and a god unto himself. The main goal is to break free of this world. Death leads to a new incarnation and new torments. Thus it is necessary to break free of the chain of reincarnation. To do so one needs to free the soul, killing one's desires.
As well as complete asceticism, orgies are needed, debauchery and perversions, because that undermines the organism and helps the soul to free itself. One should mortify the flesh to such an extent that the soul no longer wishes to remain in this world, then at the moment of death it will rise to the radiant godhead.

When a confused Christian asked about Jesus who was a human being, healed the sick, approved of merry-making so much he turned water into wine, defended women and was never an opponent of full-blooded material life, he was told:

"Christ had an ethereal body when he entered Mary. He came out of her as alien to material as when he had been before. He had no need of anything earthly and if he did apparently eat and drink, he did it for people, so as not to render himself suspicious before Satan who was seeking a chance to ruin the 'Deliverer'."

For the "faithful", there was another explanation: "Christ was the creation of a demon: he came into the world to deceive people and hinder their salvation. The true saviour did not come, but lived in a separate world, in the heavenly Jerusalem."

Not loving the world, the negative teachings had no intention of preserving it. On the contrary, they strove to reorganize or destroy everything living, everything beautiful. All mention was removed from their philosophical constructs of the fact that through the material world, through people and their works, the Creator perceives the world and the laws of nature of a higher order. Instead of a declaration of love for the world and for people who are particles (projections) of God, the apologists of antisystems cultivated disgust and hatred.
After the defeat of the Gnostics in the Christian world and the shift of that heresy into the political life of society, it became the foundation for four political ideologies that at one time gained control of one country or another: the first French republic, Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany and Afghanistan under the Taliban.

The centuries go by, people change, and with them the behaviour and methods of Seth. There is no refuge from his intrigues. He cannot be banned, he can only be uncovered when we recognize the nature of his origins and his invisible link with the world and the human being, through which Seth influences the thinking of the masses. It was not without cause that Christ called Satan (Seth) "The Cunning" and "the Father of Lies".

Thus, Seth attracts vain and ambitious people with tales of their belonging to an elect. Revealing to a new recruit the "great secret" that their encounter was preordained from the dawn of time, Seth begins to manipulate that person, giving fatherly advice as to what needs to be done and how so as to save a doomed world from destruction and to become a decisive link in reshaping the world for the better. The mutual fascination sometimes takes on absurd proportions.
In this way in the mid-1990s a project was launched in Russia to "correct the world and the human being" with the aid of primitive matrices mass-printed on ordinary paper.

The crowning absurdity came with the announcement by Igor Serov, the head of the project, that thanks to his achievements he had attained physical immortality in this life already!

This announcement immediately calls to mind Menander, a disciple of Simon Magus, who according to the texts obtained his power from demons (Seth). We know that when he came to Antioch he seduced many with his magic arts, promising his followers that they would not die (Justinus Martyr, Apologia I, 26, 4)
We note that those who became Gnostics were dreamers, seekers after God, almost fantasts who strove like the ancient philosophers to devise their own linked, consistent conception of the universe that would include both good and evil. Gnosticism is not cognition of the world, but a poetry of concepts in which the chief place was occupied by a rejection of existing reality, that absolutely had to be reconstructed at any price, giving a new impulse to the evolutionary principle. The Gnostic teachings of antiquity, like their modern in-variants have a sinister beauty and logic to them. Yet they did not and do not bear any relation to scientific thinking, They did not explain anything, nor seek to explain anything, with one exception: they tried to reorganize the world to suit themselves, in keeping with their vision, not taking into account what from the first has lain at the foundation of the world, that which the Egyptian spiritual tradition called Maat.

It is amazing but all those who in one way or another follow the path of Seth (antisystems) fail to see that intercourse with Seth always leads to death. First to spiritual death (a person becomes the purveyor of the astral drivel whispered in his ear) and then physical. This is an important indicator of the true nature of any antisystem.

Millennia go by, but people are still incapable of recognizing the importance of the warnings given (left) by the ancient priests about the nature of Seth and the astral plane, which is what determines the thorny path along which humanity is slowly proceeding. Here is one more fact expounded on the ZetaTalk web site:
Not so long ago and thank God, this website was closed with a very revealing wording:
"due to the loss of relevance", so here is an excerpt, very indicative in its content:

"The material passed on by channelling from the being known as Seth in the main corresponds to reality, but in certain parts the channel was imperfect. In the place where that being stated that time is no more than a coefficient that can be fixed in such a way that travel to the past or the future becomes possible the information was erroneously interpreted by the channel. Explaining how it is possible to travel back and forth in time, being in three places at once, Seth so confused the channel with its conception of the possibility of parallel existences that the understanding of the rarity of such situations was lost. If some being were to live a thousand lives-incarnations, on average its time existing in parallel strands of time would amount to no more than a thousand seconds, i.e. would be insignificant. Still we highly recommend the channelling of Seth's material, if it is read in the proper manner, for the sake of the general impression, like, incidentally, all other channelling".

"Channelling" is a reference to a form of spiritualism, one of the methods of obtaining (tapping) information about which the ancient priests warned self-assured, inexperienced humanity. In real terms such contact will not give a person anything. Suffice it to look how prophecies about the end of the world come true, if only from the example of ZetaTalk.

It will come as no surprise that the "end of the world", scheduled by ZetaTalk for 15 May 2003 and then postponed to 27 May, did not take place. We saw no "Planet X" and experienced no cataclysms. Get-outs such as "well, there was an earthquake in Algeria" don't count, as ZetaTalk promised the death of 90% of the Earth's population. Scientists have already called cults like ZetaTalk "an intellectual plague".
(See. ).
Seth will constantly lead people aside from the true path, furtively exchanging spiritual values. Practically Seth embodies the force that holds back any evolutionary process by focussing the energy and thoughts of humanity in a false direction. Many, many people have been ensnared by Seth and many more will be. The tragedy of the situation is that a person then proves unable to make his own way out of the "marsh of Seth" and as a rule it all ends in tears, as the history of Egypt and indeed of humanity as a whole amply demonstrates.

If we bear in mind the depth of the interest that people have in discovering the world on the border of which Seth stands, particular concern is evoked by the process of reconstruction of consciousness that occurs when a person synchronizes with the energies of Seth. This applies particularly to children drawn by adults along the path of developing extraordinary abilities and alternative vision. The unprepared mind of a child is in no condition to discriminate and resist the forces of Seth and so a new generation of people is formed with special abilities, but ones that have been shaped by Seth in a particular way imperceptible to those around. They will be conduits of his ideas. This very issue led in remote antiquity to a breach between priestly clans and ultimately to the fall of Egypt.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that this is the force which, by simplifying and transforming the ancient teachings for easy appreciation by the ordinary person, disintegrated the once coherent knowledge of the World and the Human Being, dividing the world and people up along religious and other lines. And then it destroyed not only Egypt, but also the unity of the entire world. Many noted esoterics of past and present failed to avoid dealings with Seth, never understanding whose will was made manifest through their prophecies, prophecies that, as a rule, do not come true.
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The Duat is one more mystery in the spiritual world of the ancients that Egyptologists have been unable to solve, a secret of which we shall reveal a little today.

The meaning that lies behind this word had an immense significance for Ancient Egyptian spiritual doctrine… and even more for us who try to rediscover what lies behind the ancient texts.

The concept of the Duat carries within it the idea of a universal energy structure of mutually interpenetrating energy planes, of the energy bodies of the Universe (ON) and of the human being, because this informational-energetic structure is one. The ancient symbol indicates this directly.

Just look at the pictogram representing the concept of Duat (left). The symbol conveys in a brilliantly simple, but absolutely precise and eloquent manner the idea behind the hieroglyph.

The five-pointed star is the human being with five axes of symmetry, while the circle around it is the symbol of the energy system, the aura around the body. At the same time, depending on the context, the sign can convey the idea of a star and its surrounding informational-energetic field. This symbol is organically connected with the teaching about the unity of energy-system structure Human Being–Earth–Universe.

Line 51 of the Pyramid Texts states directly:

"Orion is surrounded by the Duat… Sothis [Sirius] is surrounded by the Duat… in the embrace of [their] father Atum."

It is no coincidence that in some texts of The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day the Duat was depicted as a space delimited by the body of a god (human being, see fig. to the left).

Note that in the upper part of the Duat, represented in the image by the closed circle of the god there is an exit to the firmament (which was symbolized by the goddess Nut). From there it was possible to reach the Undying Star (symbolized by the Heavenly Disc).

An important detail of this depiction is that the "exit to the firmament" is located in the top of Nut's head, in the place where the column of energy (the flow of Ra) soars up from a human being's head (see photo to the right).

"Shema taui" vignette.

In classical Egyptology this vignette (shema taui) is considered a symbol of the two lands, Upper and Lower Egypt. In reality the shema taui contains far more information, recorded on several levels, in a system of concepts that the Egyptologists do not employ.

Let us examine it more closely.

This vignette depicts two intertwined flowers. One has its source in the "water of life", on the vignette only the contours of this flower are shown, repeating its aura in a clear indication that the flower symbolizes the energy plane, that in the "Ancient Egyptian" tradition was called КА.

he other flower is drawn in detail and has its origin in , a medium with an orderly structure (matrix); this indicates just as clearly and obviously that this flower symbolizes structuring nature, which the Ancients called «BA».

Thus, the vignette points allegorically to the two all-forming flows of energy «KA-BA», two sources of vital energy that are both one and opposite.

But where two opposites (+ and –) appear, an interaction arises between them — the third creative principle "LA", represented in the image of the central flower. Therefore, with the two "KA-BA" flowers interwoven around a third symbolizing "LA", the vignette expresses the "principle of trinity" or [KA-BA-LA]. For that reason, in the pictogram for "KA" (the water of life) three waves are shown within the rectangle.

The pictogram for "BA" is divided into three horizontal parts, while each of the flowers has three stems and three buds. But only the "BA" flower, symbolizing structuring nature, has three petals drawn on each of its buds – because objects of a material nature are visible (manifest). Hence the four divisions in the lower part of the "BA" pictogram are a reflection of the four-year cycle, 3 and 4 together a reflection of the twelve-year cycle (3×4=12), while the ratios 3:4 or 4:3 or (4+3=7) characterize other rhythms that are very important for the structuring nature of BA.

It should be added that "LA" has many levels of meaning and also represents material structured nature resulting from the "KA-BA" interaction.

If we look at the vignette through the eyes of the priests, then from the position of the ancient scientific paradigm the vignette indicates that the information presented in the picture is expounded in the "KA-BA-LA" system.