Жезлы Гора


Period of highest energy activity: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Period of lowest energy activity: - You should put your hand to the trunk and make sure there is a flow of energy. If no flow can be detected, the tree is in a state of minimal activity (sleep).

Character of the energy and potential applications

Encourages a decline in pain in the region of the heart, eases spasms in stenocardia, partially normalises heart rhythm in arrhythmia, encourages relief of overexcitation, depression and anxiety, encourages better blood circulation in anaemia of the extremities. Repeated interaction with the energy of the ash improves memory and attentiveness.

Useful recommendation

To deepen the healing effect of the tree energy on the organism, it is recommended to take to hand "Wands of Horus" QUARTZ (large-grain) 20-30 minutes before working with the tree. This type of wands has a generally stimulating effect on the human energy system, which significantly increases the organism's ability to absorb and transform the energy flow emanating from the tree.

Consequently, the absorption intensity of the energy flow from the tree by the individual's organism increases many times, which enlarges the size of the aura (energy field) of the person several times.

As a result, blood pressure stabilizes, the metabolism of the organism starts to normalize and sexual activity increases noticeably, depending overall on the energetic, nervous as well as general emotional state. A positive interaction balance of these three factors is connected with the deep harmonizing effect of the "Wands of Horus" QUARZ on the human nervous system.