Жезлы Гора



It is not advisable to use "Wands of Horus" in combination with hallucinogens or narcotic substances as well as in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.

The results of such use are entirely unpredictable.

4-6 hours after a good glass of wine or vodka, on the other hand, "Wands of Horus" will increase the positive effect such has on the organism and vascular system.

It is not recommended to work with "Wands of Horus" while a microwave oven or other devices emitting strong electromagnetic fields are running.

Using "Wands of Horus" activates the organism's chakras. The energy centers open up, increasing their energy absorption intensity by up to 40% of their potential.

On the one hand, this leads to an increase in the size of the human energy field.

On the other hand, such opening up of the chakras facilitates easier penetration of harmful radiation into the organism, leading to a disruption of the biorhythms of organs and body-systems. Therefore, to protect against harmful radiation, the immune system dramatically reduces the intensity of energy flow absorption, closing the chakras. Next, a protective shell is created by sealing the aura and reducing its width.

This factor should be taken into account when choosing the right place and time to work with the "Wands of Horus".

The warning above also applies to areas with increased radioactivity, close proximity to power lines, and areas with strong electromagnetic fields.

The effect of a use of "Wands of Horus" is most unpredictable at aforementioned locations.


It is not advisable to steer a car, plane or ship immediately after using "Wands of Horus": drowsiness may occur. The onset of drowsiness is a natural consequence of the effect of "Wands of Horus" on the nervous system.

Do not fight this, lie down and relax. Sleep will be short and productive while the organism transforms the received energy, after which you awake refreshed.

People with hypotension (low blood-pressure) are advised not to take on an immoderate amount of work when using "Wands of Horus" KONT on days with a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure as well as geomagnetic storms.

Due to this, during or immediately after using "Wands of Horus" KONT slight dizziness may occur. Do not worry, lie down and relax. Your condition will normalize within 15 minutes.


"Wands of Horus" have a powerful anti-stress effect, harmonizing the nervous system. In this regard, there is a specific property to be taken into account.

When working with "Wands of Horus" it is desirable to free the mind from thoughts that cause stress.

"Wands of Horus" activate deep-going processes associated with human consciousness. Working with the wands while concentrating on a stressful experience can cause dizziness.


People with persistent high blood-pressure should start working with "Wands of Horus" KONT gradually for 15-20 minutes per day, paying careful heed to their sensations – bearing in mind that "Wands of Horus" KONT, especially when combined with magnetic extensions have a powerful impulse effect.


The next note for caution applies to people with kidney and gallstones, especially when the condition is exacerbated.

By stimulating blood circulation "Wands of Horus" may provoke the abrupt expulsion of gravel and stones.

In particular this relates to "Wands of Horus" type KONT.

Therefore, people with the above-mentioned conditions should start working with the "Wands of Horus" for 15-30 minutes a day, carefully observing their organism.

In the course of working with the wands the duration of their use can be gradually increased. In this case the "Wands of Horus" will further the dissolution and expulsion of stones from the organism in a way intended by the very nature of the human being.


People with diabetes should note that in working with the "Wands of Horus" KONT jumps in blood sugar levels by 2-3 units may occur.

This is especially true for those who have suffered a sugar coma as well as for elderly people.

Working with "Wands of Horus" will help stabilize blood sugar levels.

With a regular use of "Wands of Horus" of the types QUARTZ, CRYSTAL or MONO blood sugar levels decrease by 2-4 units.

In 50% of cases, partial recovery of vision is observed.

Due to sudden weather changes and in the case of excess energy, leaps in sugar levels may occur when copper patches are placed along the pancreatic energy channel.


Women are advised not to use the "Wands of Horus" when menstruating.

By stimulating blood circulation "Wands of Horus" cause a greater discharge of blood than usual.


With abrupt atmospheric pressure changes, stress and physical overload some unusual conditions may occur while working with the "Wands of Horus" in people with energy channels located close to the surface.

Such possible sensations arise in the first few minutes of using the wands, after which everything returns to normal.


In people who are statically charged, causing frequent electrical discharges when touching various objects, working with the "Wands of Horus" may be accompanied by a sensation of overexcitation.

In this case it is helpful to take a cooling shower before working with the wands or after the onset of overexcitation.


When working with the "Wands of Horus" discomfort may arise in people having energy channel "blockages" as well as dystrophic decompensation. To remove these unpleasant sensations a correction through diet and purification of the organism is necessary.

With regular use of "Wands of Horus" within a week the energy system will be activated, unpleasant feelings disappear and sensitivity increases.

Special attention should be paid to the spine.

As its functionally is inextricably linked with the activity of the human energy structure, not only does the state of several organs depend on the state of the spine but also the susceptibility of the regarding person. Osteochondrosis blocks the system of normal energy exchange throughout the organism.

One of the symptoms indicating the presence of blockages is the temperature of the hands and feet. If these are cold, this indicates that the spine is blocked. This is one of the reasons for a complete lack of sensations when using "Wands of Horus".

In addition, low hand temperature means the wands are not warmed sufficiently and thus are insufficiently activated. In some cases, a person with osteochondrosis may experience acute discomfort when working with a healer.

With a regular use of "Wands of Horus" as well as insoles "BA-KA" the hands and feet begin to warm, due to the blood supply of spine, pelvic organs and legs stimulating effect of the wands and insoles.


People who have recently had a heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are at risk for vascular problems should pay close attention to the sensations they experience when working with the "Wands of Horus".

By stimulating the human energy system, "Wands of Horus" activate blood circulation. In the case of the above, this can cause a sensation of pressure and even pain in the problem area.

On the one hand, this can help reveal not yet visible disturbances, correct existing deviations as well as help avoid a heart attack or stroke.

On the other hand, the use of "Wands of Horus" can help to compensate for the consequences caused by heart attack or stroke and thus reduce the risk of their recurrence.

Therefore, people who have had a heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are at risk, having a weak vascular (energy) system, are recommended to use
"Wands of Horus" with a filling of fine-grained quartz.

This type of wands has a mild stimulating effect, that reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke and does not cause any unpleasant sensations.


"Wands of Horus" are an instrument for personal use.

When taken into the hands, "Wands of Horus" attune themselves to the regarding person, creating a "pranic" shell, correcting negative processes and abnormalities in the organism. Tuned to the person, "Wands of Horus" amplify the vibration of commands, sent by the endocrine system, our internal doctor, to correct existing disorders.

In the process of interacting with the organism "Wands of Horus" remember the frequency dictated by the organism. This vibration is individual. It is unique in the entire Universe, it is the person's individual vibrational code, his bioenergetic passport.

This vibration, interacting with the filler minerals, forces their structure to resonate with it, setting the rhythm required by the organism at the time the "Wands of Horus" are taken into the hands.

This mechanism provided by the nature of the human being runs so deep, that after being laid aside, the wands, even for a long time, will continue to vibrate at the frequency dictated by the organism of the person, who held them in their hands. The duration of this "memory" effect depends on the energy of the individual.

"Wands of Horus" will "remember" the individual vibration of a person with an average energy potential for a few hours. The vibration of a person with a powerful energy potential can leave a "memory" that lasts for several months.

Basically, a parallel use of "Wands of Horus" by members of the same family or friends is possible, but the following should be taken into account:
- it is not recommended to take over "Wands of Horus" from someone else's hands and use them while they are still warm. A sensitive person may experience dizziness. The wands should be left to lie for a while (at least 2 hours), until the individual frequency and energy (warmth) set by the other person's organism completely dissipated.

- taking over wands vibrating with the frequency of another person can cause mild dizziness and other unpleasant sensations. In general, this is not harmful but in some cases the effect of wands that are still warm can be unpredictable. To accelerate the process of neutralizing foreign vibration the wands can be placed in cold running water.

- it has to be strictly avoided to take wands from the hands of a person fallen ill with cancer. Vibrations of disease can negatively impact the energy field of a healthy person, with all risks involved.

In case of a weakened immune system, this can lead to "energy information contamination".


It is not recommended to use "Wands of Horus" if the organism is already affected by an infection, since activation of blood circulation would further the spread of the infection throughout the organism with the blood.


To increase the effectiveness of a use of "Wands of Horus" it is necessary to calculate and take into account the individual annual bioenergetic cycle of increase and decrease of energy activity of one's own organism. This is exactly from where in ancient times the program for the preparation of priest or Pharaoh started.

In the life of every human being during the year there are periods of stability, maximum and minimum energy activity.

The best results in the practice of self-improvement and healing are achieved only during phases of energy increase within the individual annual biological cycle, in particular when synchronized with the phases of the moon, the solstices and equinoxes.

Treatment of patients with serious illnesses in phases of energy decline can have a negative effect, leading to a loss of energy potential and, in consequence even disease on the part of the healer. In some cases, loss of energy potential can lead to the beginning of degenerative processes.

During periods of decline it is important to rest, spend more time outdoors and constantly use "Wands of Horus". By restoring the blood pH they improve the overall energy of the organism.