Жезлы Гора


The onset of menopause in a woman's life, in some cases prematurely, is a sure sign of hormonal disturbances, originating not only from the stressfulness of life but from a whole range of harmful factors and negative influences on emotional and physical health.

The cause may lie in genetics derived from parents, whose lives have been similarly stressful in an environment full of negative factors.

Genetic predisposition – is not a sentence, but a signal to action. The sooner a correction of negative programs begins by stimulating certain hormonal processes, the less likely they are to manifest and the greater the likelihood of a successful slowing down of certain processes, so that they later will not occur at all.

If menopause occurs by age, it is also a signal to make a choice and counteract the onset of hormonal change by activating the mechanism provided by the very nature of the female organism.

Let's take a closer look at this.

Menopause is characterized by a decrease in estrogen levels, which causes well-known symptoms such as loss of strength, insomnia, hot flushes, etc. In addition, further discomfort causing symptoms develop, significantly affecting the quality of life.

For the treatment hereof modern medicine offers drug as well as hormone based preparations, whose effect, however, does not take into account the mechanism underlying the functioning of the human organism and therefore have a long list of side effects.

In order to make climacteric discomfort stop and vanish in the attic of your past lives, consider using "Wands of Horus".

This amazing and until recently mysterious instrument was used by the priests and elite of ancient civilizations.

Judging by the surviving texts, this was an instrument of the highest importance, so that mention hereof was preserved not only in the form of texts, but also in sculptures of different cultures, times and civilizations.

In Buddhism, the Vajra was considered a magical instrument with special power.

Tibetan Lamas say, that "the Vajra was given by the gods of heaven for use by the lords of Shambala".

The cult of the great goddess Kiririshi of the Elamites, originating in the 3rd millennium BCE is in a certain way connected with the calendar calculations and energy cycle of Venus, which affects the sexual and hormonal spheres in a woman's life (it is no coincidence that Venus is considered a love goddess).

In the hands of the goddess depicted on the goblet are objects very similar to the "Wands of Horus", that have a stimulating effect on the human nervous and endocrine systems.

The most common attribute of priestly and pharaonic statues of ancient Egypt are precisely the "Wands of Horus", which is a direct indication that they were objects of paramount importance.

The use of "Wands of Horus" during Menopause has shown excellent results.

The overall stimulating and health improving effect of the "Wands of Horus", based on the mechanisms provided by the very nature of the female organism, alleviates many menopause-related symptoms.

Considering their overall beneficial effect on the human organism, it is recommended to regularly and systematically work with the "Wands of Horus", using salt baths for a more deep-going correction of the general biological rhythm of the organism.

To enhance the effect of the "Wands of Horus" copper patches can be used in accordance with the instructions given in the section: "Use of copper patches for the stimulation of the immune system".

When choosing a time to work with the "Wands of Horus", copper patches and salt baths, take into account the bio-energy rhythm of your own organism – this will allow you to simultaneously work on other disorders that you may have.

For stimulation of blood circulation of the pelvic organs, which play an important role in the female genitourinary and endocrine system, the use of highly effective insoles with copper-zinc inserts can be recommended.

To determine the best time to work with the "Wands of Horus" consult the Table of the best times to use the "Wands of Horus".
wands of horus and menopause


teacher and accompanist/orchestra leader, Moscow

"Like many people I had problems with my health. In my case it was polyarthritis. My leg swelled up with fluid and I couldn't walk. A friend advised me to use the Wands of Horus as a treatment.

It took two weeks for my condition to improve noticeably. I could put weight on my leg and walk.

Besides, the menopausal symptoms that had unfortunately dogged me disappeared. The irritability, hot flushes and insomnia went away and I began to feel much better.

Now the Wands of Horus have become and inseparable part of my life."