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Biostimulating insoles with copper and zinc inserts

Biostimulating insoles "BA-КA" with copper and zinc inserts has no analogues in the world and are the result of in-depth study of ancient papyrus texts, architectural monuments and treatises on healing such as prominent ancient civilizations: Egypt, India, China and Tibet.

Insoles with copper and zinc inserts activate deep-seated natural mechanisms, which are assumed by the very nature of human being.

In the application Insoles "BA-KA" create a potential difference between the right and left sides of the body, leading to the harmonization of energy flows "Yin-Yang" in the body and revitalize the human energy system. This factor is the basis of the mechanism provided for by the nature of man. In this case, all the processes occurring in the body are managed and directed by the body itself, as only the body knows what it needs to correct the violations occurred in it. As a result of the use of insoles "BA-KA" energy system is being activated. It increases the efficiency of absorption of energy flow and level, enhances the protective functions of the organism, improves and alleviates many conditions

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