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Hi Valery:

was just wondering if there is much information about on the Bja wands?

experiences, exercises or practices... If you have any could you please send me as much as possible.

i have had a few new experiences with them, when i am meditating i get a warm tingling feeling in my hands and chest whenever someone comes within about 10 to 20 metres of where i am. also i have been having very vivid scary type dreams, but they don't scare me or wake me up, and i usually wake up before a dream like these finish or change. another thing is my whole body feels hot and tingly and suspended, i feel like i am in a different space.

any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated,

kind regards,

Hi Benjamin

Here are answers to your questions:

was just wondering if there is much information about on the Bja wands?

In internet or in any books you will not find information on this type of wands, we never published it yet. However, from those ideas given on our website it is clear that Wands of Horus Bja are very special instrument having unusual effects. That's why that was only priests (hierophants) and pharaohs who used them for self perfection and development of psychic abilities. Wands of Horus BJA are actively stimulating extraordinary abilities and develop personal super sensitivity (qualities) that's why it is impossible to give one advice concerning Wands of Horus Bja for all cases!

It should be done according to one's personal experiences. In this case all further steps could be configured properly for better and deeper understanding and practical results.

experiences, exercises or practices. If you have any could you please send me as much as possible.

Most important aspect you should always keep in mind is state of relaxation! We already have got few responses from customers using Wands of Horus Bja with interesting extra ordinary experiences. Each time unusual experiences and effects started after 10-12 days fully devoted to work with wands near natural sources of energy like trees, mountains or sea.

Right after 12 days of relaxation and refreshment with good sleep (instantly going to bed when organism demands even during daytime) people started to see aura of objects and energy beings and etc… The gamma of experience and visions can be different, but key state this result is relaxation, proper time and proper place.

Deep relaxation helps organism to better utilize energy flow received by your energy system! This is key moment. Unless nervous and energy system is relaxed and stabilized he or she never experience real positive changes and results. One should give to organism possibility to get relaxed. Daily work with wands will help to synchronize vibrations of aura of the body with energy rhythms of aura of the Earth. Relaxation will be very deep. Just use BJA as long as possible during the day. And when you will help organism to get relaxed, you will get into energy flow and right after that you will experience what you never ever experienced. You will know what is real happiness and this will be just the beginning!

What we need to see where to go then and what to do , giving you right advice is to know how your organism is reacting. This information will give us possibility to give you correct explanations of what's going on with you and what to do next or what you will experience next.

i have had a few new experiences with BJA, when i am meditating i get a warm tingling feeling in my hands and chest whenever someone comes within about 10 to 20 metres of where i am.

This result is closely connected with your spine energy vortex activity!

Your personal energetic level is growing up (gets more active) and you feel it as growing warmth!

It is activation of your energy system in general. That is normal and good! It should be like this...

What you will experience then is very powerful grows of sexual activity. Keep it in mind for this increasement may be unexpectedly strong...

Wands of Horus BJA - are increasing human energetic sensitivity from 14% up to 25% of ones personal potential!

That's why you feel someone, entering or interacting with your energetic field from 10 to 20 meters distance. It means your aura became 20 meters wide! That is what all healers would be happy to have and use for mind reading, diagnostic and healing! So congratulations that you are getting what was property of ancient Egyptian preasts.

What you felt is growing of capacities making ancient hierophants powerful and now you are about to start understanding what actually stands behind real development, but not in mental fantasies...

If you will be developing this ability you can become one of the best healers (sensitives) and even more. All now depends on what do you want to do with your achievements and what for!

also i have been having very vivid scary type dreams, but they don't scare me or wake me up, and i usually wake up before a dream like these finish or change.

What was your dreams about?

Here is one interesting case. Mother got the Wands of Horus Q3 for her dauhter. She was student and needed help to stimulate her energy potencial. Once I was called by her and she said her dauhter had few days in raw very bad and scary dream. One and the same with falling down skyscrapers and lots of dead people.

In few days on 11.09.2001 she called me back crying put on TV, look whats going on in America, my dauhter has seen it in her dreamds, exactly these pictures...

That dream she saw was kind of prediction and warning. She has seen the future, what took place few days or week later.

It is very possible that your bit scary dreams were connected with what is mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts as Seth factor .

Read this material about Seth and you will understand what I'm talking about.

another thing is my whole body feels hot and tingly and suspended, i feel like i am in a different space.

This is first and real evidence that you are about to start contacting with high realm and possibly beings....

This is exactly what pharaohs and preasts were coming to and dreaming about to talk with Gods and higher being !!!

We have the same experiences here in Russia with other people, but they are closer to me and I'm helping them to make right steps on...

Be in touch and do not hesitate to ask questions.

You are close to interesting discoveries.

Valery Uvarov

Hi Valery.

Priscilla called me from airport, asking is it possible to damage the wands of horus

by X-ray security check or they are incorruptible? She is nervous.

Can you tell me what is it? I mean that wands.

Priscilla loves her set and I 'd like to know about your wands too.

many thanks



Do not worry Caroline, the "Wands of Horus" are incorruptible and only one type of influence can be harmfull and we should avoid is to heat them up to more than 100° C!

In its origin thousands of years ago the "Wands of Horus" had been used for protection against negative energetic influence directed to those who once lived on Mars and Maldec (Nibiru and Tiamat). Later on, that technology had been advised and given to those priests who live on Earth.

The negative influence I'm talking about was generated not only by planets (See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2138944/How-Ancient-Egyptians-understood-binary-stars-3-200-years-ago--calculations-helped-solve-modern-dilemma.html ). There was another energy influence, purely artificial, to suppress potential and abilities of the priests for mental and telepathic communication with those who lived on other planets, connected by mutual interplanetary mission.

That was very special type of inhibiting influence and to protect themselves agaist that influence it was needed to use special tools and special type of three and 5-sided pyramids to defend psychic structure. Examples of such pyramids you can find of the Earth and on Mars (Nibiru).

3 sided pyramids of Archangel Michael church built by M.F. Kamensky near Saburovo village, Orel, Russia.

That priests were very developed beings, whose life and activity was devoted to stimulation of the evolution of consciousness of many civilizations on our planet and in our galaxy.

As soon as some negative interplanetary and interdimensional energy influence had been detected, those priests prepared some of their members for special missions to be fulfilled in future times (parallel realities). That group of priests were very knowledgeable (special caste). There were many women among them prepared to recall (remember) and fulfill their mission in future and in parallel realities.

Instrument which we know as the "Wands of Horus" were used at that times as connecting tool to internal interface of subconsciousness to make information records on 8 energу levels (energy bodies) of human energetic structure (read THE MEANS OF PERCEIVING INFORMATION in the Wands of Horus book by Valery Uvarov).

The "Wands of Horus" today is kind of stimulator and revoking tool, helping to remeber, to unveil the information recorded thousands of years ago into subconsciousness of that individuals sent in our time to recall and promote ancient knowledge and tasks. The Wands of Horus are kind of the key to Sacred mission!

Taking all this in account it is clear that the "Wands of Horus" are something very special for very special people to bring back on surface of consciousness most important aspects of ancient knowledge and much more!

Hi Valery,

I've had the Wands of Horus Quartz Mono for over a year and have a few questions. My first experiences were profound and very powerful. Over time I have noticed that the wash of energy or power that I initially felt have diminished quite a bit. I recall that the wands were originally charged in your specially built pyramid in St. Petersburg. Is it possible that after a time the wands lose that charge?

99% - NO. There are very few cases when one can affect the wands by wrong way. For example, when put wands under back windshield of car and sun heated up wands over 100 C! Or long lasting and very powerful electromagnetic influence. I'm sure you never did it.

Range and strength of sensations can fluctuate. This is due to the energy cycles of the Earth and the individual. There will be days when, for objective reasons of a cosmic nature, your energy system will be insufficiently active and therefore the sensations will be weak or absent altogether, although you have become used to feeling the effect of the "Wands of Horus".

Or...have my body systems changed so that the effect is lessened?

On one hand it is noticed that in case when energy system is in bad state, one can experience maximum feelings. It is just because, you feel most change. Right after energy system is corrected, feelings become weaker and no so vivid and that is normal. It means that most energetic deformations have been corrected.

Mainly, the reason of losing senses connected with wrong food. As a rule, a lack of sensation indicates that the given person's organism is "furred up" to a considerable extent.

In this case an appropriate diet is necessary to clean out the organism (its energy canals) and also use of the special method of removing waste products from the body with the aid of the "Wands of Horus".

One of the best diets (although the individual peculiarities of each person should always be borne in mind) is to eat fruit and vegetables only for four days of the week (96 hours) feeling constantly hungry. Scientific research has shown that people holding the "Wands of Horus" are influenced by them, no matter what their subjective sensations, although the activity and effectiveness of the "Wands of Horus" is directly related to the degree to which an organism is furred up. It is for this same reason that when preparing for an act of dedication or initiation ("Intercourse with the gods"), the Ancient Egyptians kept a ten-day fast and appropriate diets to clean out the organism.

If the wands lose their power, can they be re-charged or do I need to get another set?

Wands do not lose their power. What is not recommended is to give your wands to anyone with serious illness like cancer. In this case you should re-expose them into the pyramid for 12-days period once again. In general it would be reasonable to do re-exposition one time in two years, but it is not critically necessay.

One final question - I have endeavored keep the wands polished using metal polishing compound. Is this not recommended and could this have a negative effect on the wands?

Why, that's OK do it and it helps to better effect.

Many thanks for your advice. It is most appreciated.
Charlie Balogh

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